More Love, More Presents

Guess what happened? I’d never imagined this.

Last week, our favorite South-Indian biriyani accidentally scattered on the carpet. It was a huge mess. I had to clean it up.. (I mean proper cleaning) every fibre of its being, Ha! ..Today, while my elder son was cleaning up our carpet. He found something shiny and quickly recognized that it was a part of my bracelet. He brought it to me.

I was so awestruck. With my Dyson vacuum cleaner suction, I could have lost it last week. I’m so overwhelmed with joy. Without the missing part, that bracelet cannot be worn. So, I took it off some months ago, kept it safe to see what I can do about it later. Knowing that price of gold is soaring high, I decided to sort it out later.

I got back my lost. Still can’t believe it!

Years ago, I lost many valuables… very precious and sentimental to me. I was so heart broken. I missed them a lot on many occasions. I had not forgotten about every detail about my jewelry. I could only pray and wait. I can do nothing more than that.

Today, I heard these words. God Almighty says “I will not forget you”. Isaiah 44:21

He has not forgotten me and the things I lost. He is my King and my Redeemer.

I thank the Lord Almighty for His wondrous love and the Spirit of Christ among us, for His miracles, wonders and signs.

“I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted.” Job 42:2

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

Author: Rhema

I’m Rhema. An admirer of stories around the world. Love staying in my tent with my 2 little boys, dividing the great spoil of the day. Love life, seeing good days, enjoying success with folks and everything that comes in between. Love packing up and always on a quest for enchantments.

2 thoughts on “More Love, More Presents”

    1. Yes Asha. I asked him what he wants to have. He said $2.. Ha, I alloted a sum of money. This kid told the truth and returned to me. I want to bless him.


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