Mind of Christ Jesus -1

Happy Friday, courteous readers! I’m sharing my reflection on the mind of Christ Jesus. I encourage readers to dig in, try and savour the loveliness of His mind.

Mind of Christ is incredibly strong willed, good willed, focussed and joyous, as I see it in below scripture.

..for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross,.. Heb 12:2 NKJV

Jesus was called the man of suffering. He suffered the punishment according to the Roman criminal justice system. He was humiliated and rejected by his own religious people. He was led to the way of the cross. He suffered on the cross; excruciatingly painful physically, mentally, emotionally on the cross. Yet, he overlooked his own suffering. 

He kept his eyes focussed on the joy that comes after the cross. He was looking intently to the great yield of his sacrifice, the greatest give-away of the heavenly commonwealth that we can receive only through his sacrifice. He overlooked his painful labour of love which no one partnered with him. He was so interested in mankind to do good to them eternally. He did not come to spread a religion and to earn our sympathy. He foreknew the salvation power released to mankind through his suffering on the cross. Whoever receives him as their Saviour is saved eternally.

Jesus gave us a brand new life, not an ordinary, mundane life but that which is filled with awe, praise, exuberance, enthusiasm, jubilation and ecstasy. Jesus overlooked his own suffering and remained joyous steadfastly to care for us, not just for a moment but eternally with abundance of life & joy.  

Image credits: Bianca from Pixabay

Author: Rhema

I’m Rhema. An admirer of stories around the world. Love staying in my tent with my 2 little boys, dividing the great spoil of the day. Love life, seeing good days, enjoying success with folks and everything that comes in between. Love packing up and always on a quest for enchantments.

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