Happy news, Big Day

A much-awaited day is approaching ! This is something epic to me. It was taking a long while to happen and I had been waiting too long. This anticipated wait kindled a range of emotions. I had been praying while waiting. I could not stop.

It was my Australian citizenship ceremony, the day of beautiful beginnings. After a long long wait, God who thinks of me and remembers me sent a happy news. The coming week is going to be a Big Thank you Week to God. He has answered to my every prayer. God had been mindful of me and cared for me since the time I applied for citizenship. He had thoughts of me living in this country. He did not turn back until he accomplished the purposes of his heart. “His will be done on earth” was my prayer. And it happened so.

Everyone in my family received citizenship ahead of me although we applied together at the same time. I was left out, waiting and worried. I am grateful to God who is mindful, cares and satisfies my every need with good things. Thank you Lord for this big day.

His word says : The Lord will indeed give what is good,
    and our land (Australia) will yield its harvest (good things). Psalm 85:12

what is mankind that you are mindful of them,
    human beings that you care for them? Psalm 8:4

To Lord Jesus Christ, be all glory, honor and praise!