A much-needed mystery touch

It was early morning at 3 am on a dull winter day in Sydney. When the whole family had dozed off, the grandma of the house was wide awake wondering about how she could probably cook for her younger grandson’s party. Her sore back had been painful for many months. Nothing helped her with the excruciating pain.

As she was starting to prep for cooking, she mumbled to herself “How am I going to do this? Lord, please help me”. She continued with a sigh. Few minutes passed by, as she was keeping the ingredients ready, a gentle hand touched her back. With a surprise on her face, she turned back to respond to her elder grandson who was always playful. She said, “Darling, Why did you wake up so early? Go to bed now”. But she could not find him or hear his voice. She thought he was hiding somewhere so she continued to look for him. He could not be found. She appeared startled. She realized the one who touched her was not her grandson. In fact, he was still in deep sleep. There was stillness in her heart.

Suddenly she came to her senses and felt no back pain absolutely. She immediately thanked and praised God for he took note of her pain and heard her prayer. He helped her and relieved of her pain miraculously.        

Author: Rhema

I’m Rhema. An admirer of stories around the world. Love staying in my tent with my 2 little boys, dividing the great spoil of the day. Love life, seeing good days, enjoying success with folks and everything that comes in between. Love packing up and always on a quest for enchantments.

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