It’s Possible

..destroy whatever among you is devoted to destruction. Joshua 7:12

You cannot stand against your enemies until you remove it. Joshua 7:13

We can see the thoughts of God clearly in these Scripture verses. There is something in your midst that eats you up. It keeps you occupied. Your focus shifts and it aims at your well-being and harmony. It targets your growth. It can only bring you down but never build you up. God says destroy whatever among you that is devoted to destruction. Put an end to it.

Can you stand against your enemies? Will you be strong? Can you face your battle unless you remove the things that eat you up? Today, can you take time to identify your destructive thoughts that eat you up. It is your 1st step to success. Fear enters a person’s heart through words and thoughts. Mind is a never- ending factory of creating thoughts and storing memories. Fear can hold captive and keep your mind and body sick without rest. Resist being afraid! Do not fear and do not quit being unafraid. Your faith in Jesus’ name makes everything possible. With faith, you are fruitful!

Trust in God that Jesus Christ is your hope and salvation. Stay blessed!

Image by Lorraine Cormier from Pixabay

Author: Rhema

I’m Rhema. An admirer of stories around the world. Love staying in my tent with my 2 little boys, dividing the great spoil of the day. Love life, seeing good days, enjoying success with folks and everything that comes in between. Love packing up and always on a quest for enchantments.

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