Thank You Rescuer

On a lazy Saturday morning, we all got up with ease. Praying and playing together have always been a part of morning routine. We decided to do weekend shopping and proceeded to the mall. My little one as always sat on the trolley baby seat and asked what to buy next. We came the veggie shop. Fascinated by green pea pods, he picked it up. It was starting to itch a bit. He rubbed his eyes. I thought it was just mild itching and so continued shopping. Every time I turned to look at him, his eyes and the part around his eyes were swelling more and more. It didn’t seem like a normal itching problem now. His face was slowly starting to look disfigured. That’s when I thought running to the emergency was the right thing to do.

My son is a radiant, ruddy charmer, live wire, people say. In a matter of few seconds, his face was swollen. He lost his beauty & charm and became irritable and lethargic. That is anaphylaxis, nurses said. A bunch of wonderful nurses attended him like angels and he responded to medicines. He got well. One of the nurses asked me how come I did not panic at the situation. She said, “Many parents come running in tears and worry about the child’s reaction. ” She was watching me from the beginning when my son entered the emergency unit. Well, the reason was I knew God will surely help me today.

Just before we left home, we read Psalm 46 from the Bible and I remembered this verse in particular.

God is within her, she will not fall;
    God will help her at break of day. Psalm 46:5

So I knew surely God dwells in my family. We will not fall. And God will help my family at break of day.

We did have something big bothering us but we did not fall.

God is faithful to his word everyday. I thank Heavenly Father through Lord Jesus Christ for his greatest help and tender – mercies that surrounded my little one in the time of our need.

An Invisible Operation

A grand-mother’s happy tears is the inspiration of my post today. She came waddling up the stairs to say these words. I looked at her with excitement as she opened her mouth to speak, tears rolled on her cheeks and smile in her eyes. I knew this was something about her grand-daughter who lives in Australia. She said her daughter panicked and called to say that her little one had been playing with Lego building blocks. And she accidentally put in her nose and it had actually gone in and further down her respiratory tract.

She was taken to the emergency docs. Parents hurried and obliged to whatever needed to be done. Docs observed and did try certain ways to remove it but could not as it was unreachable. So they decided to operate her nose the next day to remove the Lego block out of her nose. Grandma was feeling so terrible for her grand-daughter. She didn’t stop praying for her. She prayed that this suffering ends soon and prayed for her wellness and to not give way to fear about the circumstances.

It was early morning, the Lego piece miraculously came out of her nose naturally without anyone touching it. Parents and doctors were astonished. God heard Grand-ma’s prayer who was over-seas and helped her grandchild with no operation at all. If you believe, all things are possible with God. He is the God near-by and far-away.

There is power in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. He is Wonderful. His mighty hand is at work when you rest in him.