Real life and joy

There was this one thing I really enjoyed.

One thing that gave me absolute pleasure, filled me with inexplicable joy and changed my sorrowful heart.

After it was finished, I felt like nothing. But it gave me a false comfort and made me want for more and more. Month after month, the story continued.

When I came to know Jesus through His word, I came to understand what I am worth. The knowledge of his priceless love for me and his sacrifice for my well-being changed my way of thinking. I knew I didn’t need that to be happy.

Truly, I don’t enjoy that thing I enjoyed in the past. I suddenly retracted myself from saying I wanted it. I lost the desire to touch it. I haven’t looked forward to prolong that habit.

Has that ever crossed my mind? Yes, several times. But it does not take hold of me anymore. I hate it. That deep passion and longing had been cast away. I now completely lack the senses to satiate my deep desire for it.

Loved. Cherished. Lived. Met Jesus. Witnessed life. Huge relief. Gained control. Thoroughly enjoying. Living victorious!

Courteous readers, if you need prayers, send your name and your request. I will pray for you. Our gracious heavenly father will listen to our prayers. Grace and Peace to you ! !

Someone wonderful knew my heart

On a very tired and unhappy day, I hit the bed early trying to fall asleep. Tears pouring like rain, wetting my pillow. Series of memories and thoughts flashing before me like a heavy train on a broken bridge. Dreams crashing one after another. Only leading to endless grief crushing my spirit. Then, unknowingly I had fallen asleep in the middle of the night.

I had a strange dream. A close family member came to me and said, ” Take everything out”. Before I even realised what he meant, I suddenly felt nauseous. I started vomiting and would not stop. I became very tired. He  replied that I will be alright very soon. As I was trying to understand what was happening, I turned back and I saw that everything I had taken out, stood as a huge mountain of rubbish. I was extremely shocked to see the size of it. The top of that mountain touched the ceiling.

The next morning I got up and realised it was a dream. I was thinking and recollecting what had happened last night and what the dream meant. To my surprise, the events and thoughts that made me sick and troubled lost its strength. Suddenly, it felt like a story that had no worries of life. It didn’t seem to me like a pitiable story anymore.

Everything was over. My sorrow was gone in a flash. Endless ruin coming from misunderstanding, disappointments, regrets and losses were all over. 

Did I do something for my good? No. I didn’t step out to do me a favor. Nothing could possibly take out my anger, resentment, frustration, grief and sorrow that messed a decade. 

It was God who stepped in to help me out of my problems and mend my broken heart. Even today as I pen down, I cannot feel a pain or anger even if I recollect my past experiences. I’m completely free. I praise Almighty God for he took away my burdens, erased my pain and sorrow and healed my  broken heart. His love endures forever.

Courteous readers, if you need prayers, send your name and your request. I will pray for you. Our gracious heavenly father will listen to our prayers. Grace and Peace to you ! !

Blessing out of nowhere

It was in the festive month of the year, December 2017. We barely had enough to spend for Christmas. I just wondered about Christmas and our tight budget to meet our expenses so decided to keep quiet. I couldn’t imagine Christmas without lights, festive delights and mouth-watering treats, Christmas decorations outside and inside the house. New clothes, fresh look is something that cannot be compromised. It was just this year that we felt lack and quickly said to ourselves about new and best things that are yet to happen. Little kids were quiet and looking around, watching everything that were happening before them. Kids didn’t speak anything about it. We didn’t think further about it.

Just then 2 weeks before Christmas, my mother-in-law received appreciation for her hard work in her workplace. She was also told to pick anything she liked. She knew what kids would love. She chose a beautiful Christmas tree and many pricey sparkly Christmas baubles from Myer. She also came home with many festive delights and snacks for the entire summer holidays. Lots to eat, lots to share, lots to give away… Oh the gladness and laughter in the house grew more and more as we wrapped each and every good thing that came to us that day. I was thinking and saying to myself that God knew everything I needed.

Then there was a knock on the door. My neighbor carried a huge meat carton and said, “Since you have done gardening this entire year, I have brought you a present to appreciate you for all that you have done.” I was so overjoyed. I opened it and found finely cut beef and lamb around 6 kilos from Tarra Valley. I couldn’t believe it. I loaded my freezer with all the goodies and kept thanking God for sending me more than enough food for my family for Christmas.

As we thought of Christmas day, we were wondering about what new clothes to wear as is the family custom to wear new and bright clothing on a festive day. We browsed through and surprisingly we found that we already have new clothes sitting on our shelves for quite some time. They were made of fine silk with beautiful patterns and vibrant colours. I thank my loving heavenly father who so graciously have provided for the needs of my family in every way for Christmas.

Courteous readers, if you need prayers, send your name and your request. I will pray for you. Our gracious heavenly father will listen to our prayers. Grace and Peace to you !!

A surprise gift from invisible God

On a vacation trip to Nowra located at the South Coast of New South Wales, our family and I went on a shopping spree. I went to a shop looking to buy something pretty. Yes, I found a beautiful pink dress made of satin and lace. I tried it on, it was too big for me. I was looking for my size, but I couldn’t get one. The shop assistant said that was all they have. I came home and eventually forgot about it. In a matter of a few days, my mother in law gifted me something and said this is something I would love. I opened it with excitement and found the same pink beautiful dress with lace and satin that perfectly fitted me. I was so glad that God knew my heart’s desires. He gave me the desires of my heart. It was indeed a surprise gift from God.

Lost and found

This is the story of a young lady with a radiant smile on her face. She was getting ready one Sunday morning. She suddenly realized she was missing a gold earring. It fell off in the hustle and bustle of her daily routine. She was extremely worried if it had fallen where it could not be found. She looked around but couldn’t find it. She knelt down and prayed to Almighty God. She said, “ Lord, I have no time to seek my gold earring but this morning I am coming to church to seek you.” She left for church and on her way back home, she was deeply thinking about where she might have lost it. She opened the door and the first thing she saw was her gold earring, safely lying in the most unexpected place. God heard her prayer and granted her request.

Killing fear of death

In the year 1985, we were living in our hometown. We led a simple, relaxed life of contentment and comfort. We lived liked we had no worries in the world. Our home itself was a different world. Once the door was shut, no matter what happened in the world would never bother us. There were absolute peace and harmony in the family until one day when a far relative turned witch intervened us. She would give us something to eat, something to play with to bring us close to her. My father being a kind gentleman appreciated her offer and also allowed her to stay with us every now and then.

No one realized the cunning, craftiness and hidden wrong motives of the so-called dear relative. Her witchcraft took effect. Days passed by, my father consequently became ill, tired and fearful. My mother had been exhausted with her hard work to keep up mothering, home chores and coping up with illness. My father faced the biggest fear, the fear of death. Many times, he would panic, speak about the end of his life and his struggle was never-ending. He would often find easy things hard to believe and try very hard to balance work, family, and fears. His hope of living and seeing good days was diminishing day by day. As usual, on a Sunday morning, we got up to go to church. There, my parents listened to the good news of Jesus Christ. They came to know that Jesus won over death and powers of the evil. And anyone who believes in Jesus Christ shall be saved. This truth transformed my dad’s heart and mind.

He put his belief in Jesus. He gained confidence. He found strength in God. He put his hope in God. He trusted in his word. There was more life in dad than before. Our home became peaceful and tranquil with assurance of God’s presence in the midst of us. He loved and praised God because he delivered him from the fear of death. He is now a grateful man in his 60s.  

A much-needed mystery touch

It was early morning at 3 am on a dull winter day in Sydney. When the whole family had dozed off, the grandma of the house was wide awake wondering about how she could probably cook for her younger grandson’s party. Her sore back had been painful for many months. Nothing helped her with the excruciating pain.

As she was starting to prep for cooking, she mumbled to herself “How am I going to do this? Lord, please help me”. She continued with a sigh. Few minutes passed by, as she was keeping the ingredients ready, a gentle hand touched her back. With a surprise on her face, she turned back to respond to her elder grandson who was always playful. She said, “Darling, Why did you wake up so early? Go to bed now”. But she could not find him or hear his voice. She thought he was hiding somewhere so she continued to look for him. He could not be found. She appeared startled. She realized the one who touched her was not her grandson. In fact, he was still in deep sleep. There was stillness in her heart.

Suddenly she came to her senses and felt no back pain absolutely. She immediately thanked and praised God for he took note of her pain and heard her prayer. He helped her and relieved of her pain miraculously.