One freaking night..

This thing was in a night after tiring day’s work. Oh, that was nothing like peaceful slumber. My sleep was sweet, that’s all I could remember. Usually, I would sense my little one tossing and turning in my bed but this night drifted me away.

In the middle of the night, I had a strange feeling that caused me shock and pain from my shoulders to my legs. It felt like someone’s big hands were touching and pulling my inmost tissues of my body. It was disturbing in a way that I suddenly remembered my C-section delivery. That weird sensation which led to restlessness and quickness to escape from it. I kept mumbling to myself, turned sides, squirmed with pain but nothing changed. Then I awoke and realized that no one was there on my left side. On my right, was my little one quietly sleeping.  But the sudden strong touch came from the left side. I trembled at that moment.  Worst pain ever!

Then this word crossed my mind “… once for all by his own blood, thus obtaining eternal redemption.”
Hebrews 9:12. I was saying this to myself like an affirmation. By the blood of Lord Jesus Christ, his own blood, I am set free. Then, this pain and the hand that was agonising me left me at that moment. I felt calm and comforted knowing it left me. Then I went back to sleep.

I thank the Lord for he delivered me from my troubles through his word. There is power in the blood of Jesus Christ.

Thank You Rescuer

On a lazy Saturday morning, we all got up with ease. Praying and playing together have always been a part of morning routine. We decided to do weekend shopping and proceeded to the mall. My little one as always sat on the trolley baby seat and asked what to buy next. We came the veggie shop. Fascinated by green pea pods, he picked it up. It was starting to itch a bit. He rubbed his eyes. I thought it was just mild itching and so continued shopping. Every time I turned to look at him, his eyes and the part around his eyes were swelling more and more. It didn’t seem like a normal itching problem now. His face was slowly starting to look disfigured. That’s when I thought running to the emergency was the right thing to do.

My son is a radiant, ruddy charmer, live wire, people say. In a matter of few seconds, his face was swollen. He lost his beauty & charm and became irritable and lethargic. That is anaphylaxis, nurses said. A bunch of wonderful nurses attended him like angels and he responded to medicines. He got well. One of the nurses asked me how come I did not panic at the situation. She said, “Many parents come running in tears and worry about the child’s reaction. ” She was watching me from the beginning when my son entered the emergency unit. Well, the reason was I knew God will surely help me today.

Just before we left home, we read Psalm 46 from the Bible and I remembered this verse in particular.

God is within her, she will not fall;
    God will help her at break of day. Psalm 46:5

So I knew surely God dwells in my family. We will not fall. And God will help my family at break of day.

We did have something big bothering us but we did not fall.

God is faithful to his word everyday. I thank Heavenly Father through Lord Jesus Christ for his greatest help and tender – mercies that surrounded my little one in the time of our need.

Auto-immune condition gone automatically after..

Smile is a sign of joy and gladness. Life seemed wonderful with smile on my face until a year ago when I was diagnosed with periodontal disease, an auto-immune condition that affected my gums. It slowly developed with inflammation, bleeding and pain in the gums. It made me difficult to eat hot and cold food. I love spicy food but couldn’t enjoy it anymore. Dentist said it would only get worse and give way to more health risks. So gave me a plan to treat the condition. I asked the dentist if his patients were completely cured according to his treatment plans. He said it had happened sometimes for some people. But cannot guarantee for me. He was saying this to take care of my gums to his best knowledge as soon as possible. I was completely discouraged and helpless. I found no hope in any dentist after he said that. I was only 31 but according to his knowledge and observation, I was aging too soon.

On my way back home, his comments and treatment plans were buzzing on my head. Where am I heading? How is my health going to progress? How can I not be serious about this? How can I ignore this? Who can give me the hope of saving my health? My heart was longing for elixir of life. I am a foodie. I love to taste variety of cuisine. And now I’m feeling unease and discomfort in my mouth. After some months, I came to know about the awesome power in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. He defeated death. He won over death. God raised him from the dead. His grave is opened and still remains till this day.

So before I brushed my teeth, I said this….” In the name of Jesus Christ who raised from the death, in the name of Jesus Christ who won over death, I now brush my teeth” and I brushed my teeth morning and night. I didn’t realize when exactly it happened but I saw suddenly that the inflammation was gone. I felt no tenderness in my gums. Bleeding stopped. My mouth felt so clean, no bad odor , all happened after I believed and confessed the name of Lord Jesus Christ. I realized once again that Salvation is found in no one else. I found no dentist who can save me. Lord Almighty is awesome. His works are perfect. I can now smile like never before. Thank you Lord!

An Invisible Operation

A grand-mother’s happy tears is the inspiration of my post today. She came waddling up the stairs to say these words. I looked at her with excitement as she opened her mouth to speak, tears rolled on her cheeks and smile in her eyes. I knew this was something about her grand-daughter who lives in Australia. She said her daughter panicked and called to say that her little one had been playing with Lego building blocks. And she accidentally put in her nose and it had actually gone in and further down her respiratory tract.

She was taken to the emergency docs. Parents hurried and obliged to whatever needed to be done. Docs observed and did try certain ways to remove it but could not as it was unreachable. So they decided to operate her nose the next day to remove the Lego block out of her nose. Grandma was feeling so terrible for her grand-daughter. She didn’t stop praying for her. She prayed that this suffering ends soon and prayed for her wellness and to not give way to fear about the circumstances.

It was early morning, the Lego piece miraculously came out of her nose naturally without anyone touching it. Parents and doctors were astonished. God heard Grand-ma’s prayer who was over-seas and helped her grandchild with no operation at all. If you believe, all things are possible with God. He is the God near-by and far-away.

There is power in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. He is Wonderful. His mighty hand is at work when you rest in him.

Strength in times of weakness

A good-willed grandfather in his 80s had been widowed recently. His was a case of stolen identity. He was cared by his people but soon forsaken and left in an unfamiliar place “aged care”. To him, it was a place where mere existence and living was a burden to others. His heart and soul was badly wounded. Grief stricken and sorrowful was his time of his life. Nothing in the aged care could motivate him to live. There was nothing that could take away the pain and anxiety of lost, forsaken and forgotten grandfather. People were led to believe in positive thinking. But that didn’t help. His medicines didn’t really seem to add anything to his health. He seemed to be weighing below 65 pounds.

A family he knew prayed for him continually. They did not give up on God because He is a God nearby and far-away. Although he is weak, God is mighty. This family put their hope in God’s unfailing love. God opened doors of favor for this grandfather and sent to him helpers who brought him back home. This was the Lord’s doing and it is still marvellous to our eyes. To grandpa, it seemed impossible. Others around him given up their hope of his survival. With God, all things are possible. The Lord is close to the broken- hearted. He has heard the cries and miseries of this grandfather. God ‘s richest grace enabled him to bring him home safe and sound. He has shown him kindness and saved him in His unfailing love.

God through Jesus Christ had given us hope and through His Spirit guided and led us in the right path to bring home grandpa safe and sound. To God be the glory because of His love and faithfulness. (Psalm 115:1)

Way to sure reward

A close friend of mine was a sincere and humble person. He cared for the lost, lonely, forsaken and forgotten ones. His job was to provide and assist for the elderly in the community. Everything went well until he felt demanded for what was not right. He took his stand. He faced verbal abuse at work and forced to leave his job at once.

Although he was stopped from work, his humility and loving care towards the elderly did not stop. His charitable deeds were steadfast and highly appreciated among everyone he knew.

When the Lord takes pleasure in anyone’s way, he causes their enemies to make peace with them.
Proverbs 16:7

A week later, the one who screwed up his job came to him and apologised to him. He made peace with him. His job was reinstated. God through Christ Jesus shows new mercies and tender love. He rewards those who seek him earnestly. God bless my friend!

Great escape

A wonderful father in his early 40s shared the story of his life. He was a busy, hard- working, sincere man. He served in a corporate firm. There was an official requirement for him to work the next day so he stayed at a motel that night. This was far away from his home. After he rented a motel room, he went in and he found three pictures on the wall which disturbed him. So he covered those wall hangings with a bed cover. Temporarily, this was the solution.

He was about to hit the bed to peacefully retire and rest up his legs. Then, there was a knock on the door which seemed like room service. As he opened the door, he found 2 men standing at the door with aggressive behaviour. Irrelevant of the situation, suddenly they pointed at the pictures covered with bed cover, kept using inappropriate language and threatened him. They had sharp knives and imposed threat on him. But this father kept quiet. These men abruptly left with these words “Because of your God, you are safe today”. Yes, it’s true. This father believes in Lord Jesus Christ whom God raised from the dead.

Our God is a God who saves; from the Sovereign Lord comes escape from death. Psalm 68:20

God Most High is great and awesome. He saves, protects and escape from death comes from him.

Tiredness turned to great relief

One day a tired-looking father said to me that he was really worried about his finances, trying to make both ends meet each month. Same story, every month showed signs of toil and burden on him. This young father have always been God-fearing and honored God first. He was reluctant to open his heart to anyone he knew. He never revealed anything and kept everything to himself. No one could ever imagine his situations and struggle for his family.

As usual, he went to church for Family prayer where the Lord speaks and reveals through His word. His words were..

“I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted. Job 42:2

These words were speaking to him, kept working in him immediately. He understood this answer was from God. He believed that God can do all things and His purpose cannot be opposed or stopped from happening. He is the great and mighty God. He will fulfill His purpose for him. He left the church with peace and quietness, full of hope. He prayed that this word come true in his life at this point of his need.

Although this father came to a stand-still point with no help or support for this month’s expenses, he put his trust on the words of God. Because God is firm in his purpose and “what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open. ” In a matter of 5 days, God opened the doors to opportunity to bless him abundantly, more than he expected. This estimated income was more than he could imagine. He was full of joy and praise for God. He trusted in God and God blessed him.

‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ Jeremiah 33:3. Call on God, he will speak to you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. Don’t give up.

Taste love through worst pain

A certain young lady was talking to me about her fear of doctors and hospitals. I wondered where this was going. It was the smell of Dettol, anti-septic creams, latex gloves, syringes, mobile equipments, beds, sample collection vials and heavy lights. She was terrified and would cringe about it at any point even when there was casualty. On an another day, she was swiftly moving past a busy crowd. It was a narrow hallway with many metal hooks on one side similar to the ones where children hang school bags at school.

She hit her right thigh so hard. Extreme pain and heat rose up in few minutes. In few hours, that part of her thigh became swollen and appeared like a big red tomato. She was taking in her pain but it was too much to bear. She groaned with pain and fearing doctor at the same time. She didn’t know how to treat her pain and reduce her swelling. But she had been constantly hearing of someone whom she could trust. So she prayed to God. She also applied oil on the wounded area quietly mumbling to herself ” By the wounds of Lord Jesus Christ, I’m healed”. She kept repeating these words with faith and only hope. She decided not to visit the doctor, fearing the treatments and pain.

Within 6 hours, the wounded area was reducing in size. The change was much visible to her so she did not give up her proclamation. She continued until it was completely gone. God indeed had watched her word of faith and prayer. She was waiting for His Almighty power and he blessed her with healing. He healed her quickly without any other treatments. She is grateful to God for this miracle and leads a life pleasing to Him. May God of great compassion bless her and may His awesome presence be with her. His love heals.

Way too wonderful

This is a true incident that happened to an enthusiastic 10 year old boy in his school days. His artistic talent led him to pencil sketching and many more. He was blessed in many ways. No doubt, his parents gave him the best of everything a child could ever dream of. As days passed by, their financial situations changed. His father’s business income dropped. There was tight budget and tried to make both ends meet every month. It continued for some months until the point when they were worn out and could not pay school fees for their only son.

The mother was in distress. They tried and prayed until the last day of payment of school fees. The father suffered emotional pain that the child would be caught up in utter disappointment. Everyday disappointments were too much to bear for the family. There came the last day of payment and they were still praying about it.

The family made routine visit to his grandparents to convey love and regards to them as is the culture of South Asians. They had not shared the financial crisis to anyone nor asked for help. To their surprise, the grandparents stood up and given them a great sum of money saying some other relative in the family wanted to give away to them as a token of love. This act of God’s wonder and excitement that came from God’s way of answering their prayers were just awesome.

Today, he is grown up man in his 30s and teaches his children the fear of God. What a wonderful God He is !